twitch-dl videos

List videos for a channel.


twitch-dl videos <channel_name> [FLAGS] [OPTIONS]


<channel_name> Name of the channel to list videos for.


-a, --all Fetch all videos, overrides --limit
-j, --json Show results as JSON. Ignores --pager.
-c, --compact Show videos in compact mode, one line per video


-g, --game Show videos of given game (can be given multiple times)
-l, --limit Number of videos to fetch. Defaults to 40 in copmpact mode, 10 otherwise.
-s, --sort Sorting order of videos. Defaults to time. Possible values: views, time.
-t, --type Broadcast type. Defaults to archive. Possible values: archive, highlight, upload.
-p, --pager Print videos in pages. Ignores --limit. Defaults to 10.


List recent channel videos (10 by default):

twitch-dl videos bananasaurus_rex

Limit to videos of one or more games:

twitch-dl videos --game "doom eternal" --game "cave story" bananasaurus_rex

List all channel videos at once:

twitch-dl videos bananasaurus_rex --all

List all channel videos in pages of 10:

twitch-dl videos bananasaurus_rex --pager

Page size can be adjusted by passing number of items per page:

twitch-dl videos bananasaurus_rex --pager 5

Returns all videos as a JSON list. Useful for scripting.

twitch-dl videos bananasaurus_rex --json --all